Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterday we (DH, Taylor, Maddie and I) spent 7 relaxing, wonderful hours with Grandma at her home in the country. These days, the time I spend with her uplifts my spirit and soothes my soul. I am blessed to have a role model for exactly the kind of mom and wife I aspire to be, just blessed to have her really. Many women are forced to navigate marriage and motherhood without this, beginning these journeys armed only with the determination that they don't want to be like their own mothers. Again, I am blessed. We wish you a safe trip, Grandma.

Madison is now crawling! Well, about 60% of the time, anyway. The rest of the time she is still resembling a soldier in the Marines (takes after her daddy!) the way she scoots on her belly, using her arms to pull and her toes to push herself forward. She is fast though!

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