Thursday, April 29, 2010

Walmart Fun

The girls each got to choose a ball at Walmart the other day. One of them had more difficulty holding on to their ball for the remainder of the shopping trip than the other.

An unfortunate by-product of this "treat"--now every time we pass by the ball bin at Walmart, Maddie screeches like a crazed rooster!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Refreshed, Rejuvenated, and Ready to Roll

Yesteday was a good day. It is amazing how such a short period of separation from my little ones can renew my appreciation for them and for parenthood. I missed them, a lot. And yesterday, our first day back together (alone, since Corey worked all day) went really, really well. I feel good, I feel happy, and I know that I am so blessed to have these funny little people in my life.

On a different note, Taylor has started bringing my her Magnadoodle with...wait for it...letters written on it! She doesn't really know yet what letters she is writing, but it is a step in the right direction. Totally! Yesterday she wrote T, A, H, M, and B. On her own, without any urging/directions from me. Wow!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Long Overdue Break

It's 8 am here, and the house is completely quiet. As much as I have been longing for some quiet lately, I had to turn the tv on because it was too quiet. My little ones are with my Mom, have been since last night and will be until tomorrow afternoon.

When you stay home with your kids all the time, sometimes you fantasize about your pre-child(ren) life. You know, the one where you could go out to eat in peace, go to a movie, go anywhere you want. Do anything you want. My husband and I are doing that, last night we went out to dinner and tonight we will do something too. But do you know something? My life would be empty, and pointless, without those little girls. My pre-child(ren) life no longer fits. But it sure is nice to drag it out and try it on once in a while!

It's 8 am here, why am I not still in bed???

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting To Know You

The Questions:

1. Mens' chests..hairy or hairless? I'm definately going to say hairless. And not just because hubby's is hairless. I like it smooth and soft!

2. How often do you run red lights? Very rarely. In fact, I even try to stop at yellow. My mother was hit by a dump truck who ran a red light when I was 14, and nearly died. She suffered with additional problems brought on by the accident for years after. In fact, she still has to have repeated hip replacements for the rest of her life. It's just too scary for me.

3. If you could raid any celebrity's closet..whose would you raid? Jennifer Anniston, because she just always looks cute. Even in jeans and a little t-shirt, which is my favorite outfit. Can I have her boobs, too?

4. Would you rather have more followers/friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your Blog? This is an easy one, definately my blog. I don't do Twitter, don't even get me started on why in the world anyone would want to know that so-and-so is eating soup, feeding their dog, watching tv or going to the bathroom. I'm on Facebook, but rarely look at it let alone post something. I feel like people just try to have the highest number of friends possible to look "cool"or popular, because I had people who accepted my friend requests/sent one to me who wouldn't even answer private messages I sent them. Why accept my friend request if you didn't want to talk to me? I would love to have more than 9 followers of my blog!

5. What makes you feel sexy? Having my hair cut and colored. A new pair of really expensive, really great fitting jeans. My husband.

6. I get excited when...........? It is 4:00 pm and I know my husband will be coming home from work any minute now to relieve me and play with the girls for awhile!

7. Are you the "outdoorsy" type or more "indoorsy"? Certainly indoorsy. I don't like bugs, dirt, wind, and getting sweaty.

8. Would you rather have your dream home or a million dollars? This one is really hard. I've always said that if I were to ever win the lottery, the first thing I would buy is a house. Just monthly But since I don't need a million dollar house to be thrilled, I would say the money. Then I could buy a house and still have money left over to drive a decent car!

Want to play along? Hop on over to see MannLand5!

She Doesn't Mess Around

...when it comes to eating. Fork in one hand, spoon in the other, this girl loves to eat. I know now why I spent her entire first 12 months in the recliner with my shirt pulled up!

*edited to add: those are blackberries on her tray, not turds.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Justice Juels

I am entering another giveaway hosted by Jenni. In case you don't remember, Justice Juels was founded by Chelsea Dischinger, a stay-at-home mom who had a desire to make a difference with her life. Once she learned about the horrific Human Trafficking Industry she decided to start a company to support her family and help raise money for this cause. Justice Juels is a for-profit company who donates more than 50% of their profits to organizations who are involved in the fight to abolish Human Trafficking worldwide. Justice Juels was birthed out of a desire to be a voice for those who do not have one. A voice for those women and children who wait silently for someone to speak up on their behalf and bring forth justice. Someone who will take a stand, someone who will fight for them. If we do not speak up, then who will?

Beautiful, right? I still really want the Birthstone necklace, with a pendant for each of my four children. I would probably get a workout for my neck everytime I wore it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time Out

Here is our little hooligan, enjoying her time out (this was her 2nd or 3rd experience with our new attempts to thwart the terrible-two-behavior before it hits us full force).

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Taylor and Madison have started playing together. It is the cutest thing, and it warms my heart. The only drawback to this, however, is that they usually want the same toy/book/doll/block/puzzle/stuffed animal/anything that isn't nailed down. So, what I buy for one, I buy for the other.

I'm afraid that it spills over into their wardrobe. I am on this matching kick, and the last 6 outfits I have bought for them match. I love that they are both now in toddler sizes (Maddie 2T, Taylor 4T) and I can dress them like twins!

At least every other day for the past several weeks, Taylor has repeatedly asked me "when Bubba and Sissy are coming home". Her older brother and sister have been quite busy recently, so we have been seeing much less of them. I can't imagine how it will be when they become teenagers, with an even busier social life! At almost 9 and 11, they already have a more active social life than I do. Though that's not hard, my dog beats me on that score too. Anyway, more often than not, when Taylor asks me this question, she breaks out in tears. More often than not, I follow suit. Can someone with older children please tell me when you come to accept that your children would rather be with their friends and doing their activities than with you? I know it is normal, healthy even, but we still miss them!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So it would seem I'm in a bit of a slump lately. I'll call it a "funk", to steal a word from Patrice. I sure hope that the 4 people who read my blog haven't stopped visiting for good. The thing is, I have nothing new to talk about because every day is exactly the same. Day in, day out. Sunrise to sundown. Maybe that's the root of my funk. Anyway, we have had to start turning on the A/C in late afternoons. Gotta love Texas. And, we have started putting my rabble-rouser Maddie my darling Maddie in time-out. On a chair, Super Nanny style. Hmm. Doesn't seem to be working, because she keeps climbing on the kitchen table. Though she does sit there for the full minute, without all of the screaming/kicking/biting that usually occurs when Super Nanny does it on her show. I'm also going through a phase right now where I really miss Maddie being tiny, I miss nursing her, swaddling her, etc. Like I said, a funk. Harumph.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Poet

I am constantly amazed, delighted, and deeply impressed by the notes my husband leaves me. "Love notes" are a common occurance around here, especially when my husband works late into the night and I do not see him before I go to bed. I'll make his lunch (if he is brown bagging it the next day) and leave a message nearby before I lay down. I can hardly wait to get up in the morning to read his note back to me.

"Measure the oceans with tsps and I will still love you more."

That is how Tuesday's note ended. I think I have just fallen in love with him all over again. I have shared my husband's poetry with you before, so you all have witnessed his talent. True talent. His creativity and originality has often caused me (as it did on Tuesday) to ask him if he had seen that line somewhere or if he "made it up". When you have to ask a question like that, you know it's good.