Monday, July 13, 2009

Warning: The following post contains ranting, raving and self pity

Hmmm....let me try not to cry curse as I relay this story.
Three trips to the vet, two rounds of different antibiotics, one round of an anti-inflammatory, a skin scraping test, a skin impression test (who knows exactly what these are, I only know they are a very expensive way to tell us what type of infection he has in his skin and whether or not its contractible by humans, very important when you have a baby scooting along the same surface as the dog), one bottle of spray-on hydrocortisone coat conditioner, one steroid shot, and a partridge in a pear tree.
And finally, Dezi was healed. Sigh.
And then, the bumps started appearing Saturday. Yesterday, even more bumps accompanied by increased scratching. This morning, red, raw, broken skin accompanied by maniacal scratching. Back to square one.
Who in the world can afford to take a dog to the vet every other week? I could have a new car payment for what I paid last month to the Bandfield Pet Hospital. Grrr..
And, at our last visit, the vet said that the shot was her last option, and if this issue persists, I have to take him to a doggy dermatologist. Who knew such a profession even existed? Yes, as a child, I dreamed of studying dog skin. Years of school, all dedicated to animal skin. Hmm..

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