Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The time has come to say goodbye to the crib. It is not one that converts to a toddler bed, like we had thought (we bought it brand new, why did we think this when it wasn't stated on the box?). Since Maddie climbs out, we leave the rail down so she has less distance to fall and place 4 bed pillows stacked in twos right on the floor. Aren't I a great mom? So safe, so conscientious. There should be awards for mothers like me. Soooooo, we will find her a new bed. With Taylor we went straight from the crib to a twin. I'm not big on the toddler bed, seems silly to buy a bed only to have to buy another one in a year.
Also, does anyone know (you--I'm talking to you, my four readers out there) if there is a childproof cover for light switches? Maddie will not stop climbing out of bed and turning the light on at bedtime, so we have had to use black electrical tape and tape the switch down. We pray, we read, then she gets a few minutes of lights-on time to read on her own, then we have last potty, then the lights go off while I sing her like 10 songs. But, she keeps getting up after lights out and turning them back on. The electrical tape works, but I have to use a lot to keep her from being able to just pull it off, and we can't go on like this using 1/4 roll of tape every night. Hints?


  1. Hey Elizabeth!! Okay, you have very likely already seen these, but I saw these online:

    They could be an option. :) And I love the pillows and the tape! That'd be me! :) Love you all! Good luck with growin' Maddie. :) The cutie-pa-tootie. :)

  2. omg...leaving the crib is giving me hives! i have no idea if there is a childproof for switches, but my instinct tells me no. that's very annoying for you, i'm sure.