Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder...

~If I am always going to have to choose between financial survival and being basically a single mom or having my husband home with us in the evenings and on weekends and not being able to pay our bills.

~If prayer really makes a difference. I mean, if everthing is preordained and God already knows everything that is going to happen, what is the point of praying for someone to not have cancer? Or for that person with cancer to be healed? Or really for anything not to happen in general?

~If other stay at home moms who spend much of their time alone (husband at work) struggle during the dinner-to-bath-to-bedtime routine like I do? I'm fine all day and then bam! When the time of day comes that he usually comes home and he doesn't, I fall apart.

~If other mothers despise Playdoh as much as I do. My kids love it, but jeez cleaning it up sucks. Especially if you have all the little tools and stuff that turns the big balls of Playdoh into tiny little pieces, spread from here to kingdom come.

~What I am going to do with myself when my kids are grown. Oh wait...I don't wonder about that at all. I know. I am going to have a life!


  1. Wish I had answers for you. Especially for that first question as I'd like to know that myself :) I do think that prayer helps. If you're praying it means you have hope, if you have hope it means you're still fighting....I say pray, what can it hurt, right?

    And, yes, when Josh isn't home at his regular time my stress level goes WAY up. I guess it's because I feel like help is on it's way and then it doesn't show. Weird?

    Playdoh was outlawed years ago in our house! It is the devil!

    When our kids are finally gone, the four of us are going to go on a vacation somewhere together. We're going to eat our own food without sharing, drink until we feel like stopping, go to bed when we feel like it, get up when we feel like it! Who are we kidding? We'll spend the majority of that vacation talking about our kids. How sweet they were when they were little, how quickly they grew up, how much we miss them and how quiet our homes are without them. There's no winning this one :)

    Love y'all

  2. omg...hate dinner/bath/bedtime with a passion.