Friday, March 25, 2011

I have removed the huge picture at the top of the page in the hopes that my grandparents can once again access the blog. A picture that big takes too long to load, and some computers/internet connections can't handle it at all. I realize that the blog looks rather plain now, but this is too important to worry about such trivialities.

Grandma...please let me know if you can see the posts now.


  1. Ellie, I imagine she gave up trying and doesn't even check anymore. Next time we talk, I'll mention it. You do the same. Do you still have the ads? That might be the problem--her settings and all. I know she would love to see this again.

  2. I did talk to her two days ago, and she said it only pulled up the big picture. I told her to check again in a few days because I was removing the picture. The ads have been gone a long time, and she still couldn't see the posts so I thought I'd try removing the picture.