Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Biggest Gap Ever

Taylor lost her first tooth today. It was barely wiggleable (wiggable? wiggly?) for months, and then suddenly yesterday it was extremely loose. This afternoon she was complaining that it was hurting, so I told her I needed to pull it. Needless to say, she was not quick to jump on that bandwagon. After explaining to her that if she wouldn't let me pull it, then she couldn't complain to me that it hurt, she gave me the go ahead. You should have seen her face! Although who was more nervous, her or I, is anybody's guess. (I didn't show it, though, I had to act sure and confident and tell her that it is completely normal for her mother to grab ahold of her tooth with a piece of toilet paper and rip it from her mouth.) After slipping off the tooth twice, I managed to yank that puppy with no tears from either of us! And here she is....

It must be the biggest gap ever from just one missing tooth.

I told her she looks like a pirate. Captain Taylor Sparrow.

The Tooth Sisters


  1. hmmm... could they be more precious!? Kudos on the tooth pulling! I can't imagine how nerve racking!!

  2. My goodness, I can't believe it's tooth time for her already!! She hardly seems old enough. Hope the tooth fairy came! Tell her I think she looks very good as a pirate! Love to all--

  3. omg...i don't know if i could have done it! congrats to her though...what's the going rate for the tooth fairy?

  4. Omg, the tooth fairy that comes to my children's houses is not the same one that came to mine! Taylor received $9.00 in her envelope. We used to get a quarter or two! I stood for several minutes trying to decide what to do with the tooth. I mean, are you supposed to save it like a lock of hair from their first haircut? What are you supposed to do? Finally I flushed it down the toilet, but not without feeling like I just threw away a picture or painting that she made for me!

  5. 2 of the most beautiful girls i know