Sunday, January 24, 2010

You Gotta Love Target

We finally have a new comforter set, after spending 2 years using an oversized, thick blanket Corey got in South America years and years ago when he was in the Marines. Warm, yes. Attractive? Oh no. Target is having a huge sale in the home section right now, possibly clearing out last year's styles. For $59.99, this set came with the comforter, skirt, two euro shams (of course I had to buy euro pillows too because I have never owned a euro sham before), two regular/queen shams, and two decorative pillows. What a deal!
As for our newly-weaned status, Maddie couldn't be doing better. She goes down easier than when she was still nursing before bed. Every night she has been drinking a little warm milk, I lay her down, and she goes right to sleep without a peep. And she hasn't woken up at night since then either. Heaven!

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  1. I have a seriously amount of love for Target! Love the comforter!