Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Ray of Hope

For whatever reason, we had fallen into the routine of me being the one to go into Maddie's room every time she woke up, or when she was having trouble falling asleep in the first place. Probably because of the exclusive nursing, or maybe because I am here all day and tend to take the reins at night too. Who knows. The problem is, when I am the one to go in there at night, she expects to nurse. "Here's the woman with the boob" I can almost hear her say. She is weaned, but does not want to give up the bedtime nursing. *TMI WARNING* There has been some serious shrinkage since we are down to one time per day, and the sheer size of her head/mouth compared to the size of the boob is starting to cause me some discomfort (both physically and mentally), but she will not go to sleep without it, and I refuse to let her scream herself to sleep. Anyway, the point of all this rambling is that if she wakes up at night, she wants to nurse to go back to sleep.
Enter ray of hope...
If Corey goes in there, in the middle of the night or just in the evening when she is fighting sleep, she will let him cover her back up and rub her tummy...and she goes back to sleep. Really? Seriously? I have tried this, because, well, I'm not stupid. I've been around the block a time or two...or four. Really? Seriously?
Like I said...a ray of hope.


  1. We are nowhere near weaning, but I would like for Briar to start to think about not nursing at night . . . I am going to send this post to my husband, because he seriously doesn't understand it when I explain that once the boobs enter the room, they are expected to come out!

  2. No joke! As someone who who ONLY breastfed Maddie (she refused the bottle, even with breastmilk in it), it sure is nice NOT to have to ALWAYS be the one to tend to her!

  3. Wishing you continued rays of hope and sunshine!