Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things Nobody Tells You

...or, maybe they do but we don't listen. ahem. Anyway, here goes.

1) Nobody tells you how hard it is to have kids. And the degree of difficulty exponentially grows with each child you have.

2) Nobody tells you how hard it is to be married, even if you love the other person with every fiber of your being.

3) Nobody tells you that you will spend every moment before your baby walks looking forward to her being more mobile and independent, and every moment after she learns to walk wishing you could strap her back into that bouncy seat.

4) Nobody tells you that after you have kids you will never, ever be able to use the bathroom again without at least one pair of eyes watching you. Or maybe I do recall that, but I promise no one told me there would be one tiny pair of hands holding onto the toilet lid while I'm still sitting there waiting to close it when I am finished.

5) Nobody tells you that you will feel guilty when your toddler falls off the couch and bruises her forehead on a toy, even though you have pulled her off said couch and firmly told her "no" ten thousand times already that day.

6) Nobody tells you that even though you want to pull all your hair out strand by strand because you have been stuck in the house all.day.long with two young children, you will be too exhausted to escape with a friend for awhile in the evening.

7) Nobody tells you that you can have such polar opposite feelings for the same person. That you can love someone so much, and still be so annoyed/frustrated/angry with them at the same time.

8) Nobody tells you that once your children are asleep for the night, all of the frustrations of the day disappear, and only love remains. Only love.

to be continued, I'm sure...

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  1. AMEN! You hit the nail on the head - on all of them!