Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Adventures with Dezi

This morning at about 4:30 am, Dezi started whining and carrying on from his box in the other room where he sleeps. As he never does this anymore, I knew he had to go potty pretty badly. Well, when I opened the door he came rushing out, already peeing. (note to self: when he whines a little bit around 2 am, go ahead and get out of bed to let him will regret it if you don't). Poor guy tried to hold it, but he just couldn't. He fell asleep in my bed, and when I went to bed I just put him in his bed, instead of making him go out first. Mistake #1. Anyway, I cleaned up his mess and since it was almost morning already and his new sheepskin fake sheepskin/fleece covered cushion was wet, I left him outside. When I let him in at 6:30, he was covered, and I mean COVERED, with hives. I have never in my life seen a dog so swollen with hives. Even his lips are 3 times their normal size. Don't know what he got into, but I have given him a bath and twice his normal dose of Benedryl.

Madison's top front teeth are through, and she has developed this habit of grinding her 4 teeth together--not a pleasant sound.

And, on Wednesday, the six of us will be boarding an airplane to attend my grandfather's funeral in Colorado. Yes folks, you heard correctly. All four children will be on the plane, none of which have ever flown before. One of which is a baby, one of which is a very rambunctious 3 yr old. I tell you this so that you can make sure you do not fly Frontier on that day, reschedule any plans you may have, as a matter of fact plan to be as far away as possible. Please, save's too late for me, but you still have time :)

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