Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Any Advice Out There?

My 9 month old has started waking up again at night. Some nights its only once, but more often its two or even three times. While I have nursed every one of my children for some length of time, I have never nursed for this long. Maddie has never taken a bottle (not more than 1 ounce, and not for lack of trying), nor has she ever accepted a pacifier. When my other ones awoke at night at this age, all I had to do was give them their binky and they went back to sleep. With Maddie, she of course wants to nurse, even though she does not need the night-time feedings at this age. She never eats much, just enough to drift back to sleep. I will not mention the resentment and frustration I feel towards my husband as he sleeps soundly next to me through all of this. Logically, I know he can't help because he doesn't have boobs, but in the middle of the night logistics don't mean cr**. I am tired, and cranky. So today, I picked her up a pacifier. I realize it may seem dumb to try to start this habit that I will just have to break in a couple of months, and maybe to all of you out there who are currently trying to convince your child to give up their beloved binky, it seems super dumb (I have been there before, too). But I need sleep.

Right now she is mostly just carrying it around, but at least she is not rejecting it like before.

***In 5 months or so, when she is addicted to the binky and I am struggling through screaming and more sleepless nights because I am trying to take it away, I don't want to hear "I told you so"...not from anyone, ya hear??


  1. We're trying to figure out the binky breaking right now. I think we'll wait until after our vacation in September, but I don't blame you. You need sleep and so does she! Sorry I don't have any advice...I only BFed for 3 months and then lost all ability to produce milk (unless you count the leaking I had a month later at the gym...random)!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! I don't have advice by any means, I just wanted to lend support. I'm so sorry and I certianly wish you sleep! Ugh - nothing really helpful, but I just wanted to say hi and I'm sorry!!! And I hope she takes the bottle soon.