Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did I Say Weaning Had Commenced?

I must have spoken too soon on Tuesday, because yesterday and so far today Maddie has refused to take even a sip of formula out of her cup. I guess she's not completely ready, and since the only reasons I have for weaning her are my own desires for a little more freedom and a lot more sleep, I guess I will give her more time.

I have been cracking jokes and giving the impression that all of Taylor's shenanigans with Harry have been 100% amusing and generally harmless. Well, yesterday she pulled him out from under the bed by his leg (I was stepping out of the shower when I heard him cry and busted her), and today it seems like his tiny front leg is either broken or at a minimum, sprained. We are hoping for the latter, and it does seem more likely since symptoms didn't appear until this morning, he is able to move/bend it, and when I gently probe it he doesn't seem to mind much. He just will not put any weight on it, and the knee (is it called a knee on a cat?) is swollen. You can see how swollen it is in this picture (it is his left leg, on the right in the picture).

As it seems to be improving throughout the day and he has started eating and trying to walk more, I am simply watching it for now. If it does not continue to improve I will take him to the vet tomorrow. Poor little guy, I feel its completely my fault for failing to fully supervise Taylor while she plays with him.

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  1. Awww...poor baby kitty! Yay for weaning though!