Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ode to Conair Soothing Sounds Machine

This little machine is perhaps the best the best purchase I have ever made. I ordered it from eBay, and including shipping it was only $32. Seriously, if it was possible to love an electronic gadget, I love this one. Every night I use the "ocean waves" setting, but there are nine others. After a comment I received on my post about the neighbor's music, I should clarify that the music is not loud enough to bother the other neighbors. With the exception of the one time I was called a nasty word, the music can't be heard outside. Only in my master bedroom when all is quiet and I am trying to sleep. So, calling the police to enforce the noise ordinance is not really a solution. Something about the way the walls were built amplifies the music. Yes, I can still hear it all night long, every night. It's like there's a nightclub nearby and I am only hearing the beat of the base, but there's not one anywhere near here. Anyway, this little cheap machine is wonderful. The waves are so soothing, and the music doesn't bother me anymore. Sleep on, sleep on.

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