Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well. Hm. I sure am glad that we are renting this house. We couldn't have bought it anyway, had we wanted to, for we are diligently trying to rebuild our credit after several extremely tough years. But I sure am glad, sitting here today typing this, that we didn't. Because our neighbors are successfully chasing me away. We don't live in a "rich" neighborhood, we don't live in a "poor" neighborhood, but rather somewhere in between. The german shepherd next door barks continuously, especially at night and at 6 in the morning when other neighbors are starting to get into their cars to head to work. This same neighbor plays very loud, very annoying music every.single.night. Bump bump bump goes the base and/or drums, in my head as I'm laying in my bed. I'm the type of person that needs complete silence and zero stimulation when I'm trying to fall asleep. I can't even have the television on low volume. My husband? He falls asleep to the point of snoring within 90 seconds of his head hitting the pillow. A monsoon could be raging right outside the window and he still can fall asleep and stay that way. And I am not exaggerating. So irritating. Before you think of it, yes the irritation stems from jealousy. I have to concentrate to fall asleep. Ridiculous, I know. My mind is very hard to turn off so that I can start to drift off. I think about my problems, what is good and what needs improvement in my life. I pray, I process my day. When there is irritating noise that gets my blood boiling? Forget it. Corey can't even really hear it, but then he was in the military and also sets off fire alarms near his ears many times a day, so it's no wonder. A few nights ago the music was so loud that even Corey could hear it. I worked up the nerve to go next door and knock on the door. It didn't go well. I reasonably and politely told the woman (I think it is the single male owner's mother) that I could hear the music in every room in my house, and especially in my baby's room and pointed to Maddie's window. She tells me that maybe I should move my baby into another room then! Then she proceeded to call me a b****, slam the door in my face, and shut off the front porch light. Nice, huh? You know how later, after a heated conversation, you think of things you wish you had said? Well, I wish I would have told her to act like an adult since she's at least 60 (she only looks about 50) and also mentioned the fact that moving the baby wouldn't help since I already told her I can hear it in every room. Take that!!
I really had planned to stay here for 3-4 years, until we won't be laughed out of the room when we approach a bank for a mortgage. Now, I'm not so sure about this. Loud music only on the weekends would be bad enough (I'm really old and grumpy, apparently), but every night? Come on. I guess I belong in a senior living community.


  1. Not that you want to start playing "dirty" yet, but you should familiarize yourself with the local noise ordinances.

    Have you tried a noise machine in your room? I have never used one, but a lot of my friends use them.

    Good luck...what a crap situation.

  2. Actually Rebecca I just ordered one of those noise machines from Ebay two days ago! I thought it was a good idea too!

  3. UGH FOR YOU!!! How Annoying. I agree with've got to be able to officially complain about are probably not the only people they're annoying'll be doing the other neighbors a favor as well. but for you own sanity, I would agree that you can (1)call the police to complain or (2) find an equally annoying trait from your end and come to an arrangement. :) GOOD LUCK!

    PS - Such an adorable pic of Taylor!!! :)

    Love you all!