Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maybe I Should Start Reading the Ingredient List

Last night Maddie was eating mini carrots dipped in ranch dressing. Many things my girls eat give them rashes on every part of the face that it has directly touched, like cinnamon, tomato sauce and strawberry jelly. This particular brand of ranch dressing has caused the worst rash ever.

Says my husband..."Ranch is no jok-er."
Are you laughing yet? No? Well then you must not get it. The rash resembles the red painted-on mouth of the joker (brilliantly played by Heath Ledger) in Batman. This is a great representation of Corey's brand of humor. So, we hear cheesy hilarious and witty jokes like this all the time.


  1. Oh no...that rash is horrible, but that joke is so much worse!

    Did the rash bother her at all?

  2. This is EXACTLY what happens to my daughter, also. She is 2 and tomato sauce, cinnamon, and strawberries do this, as well as ranch or other dressings. Have you discovered the cause??

  3. I'm not sure, although my guess would be vinegar or ascorbic acid. The good news is that they seem to grow out of the hyper-sensitivity, as Maddie is 8 now and those foods no longer cause the contact dermatitis...either that or their aim just gets better! 😁