Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday My Dear Brittany!

Today is my oldest child's birthday. I would bless you with a picture of her, if I could figure out where to stick the memory card into Corey's work laptop. I asked her yesterday if I could pretend she is turning 10, because I am way to young to have a 12 year old. Let me tell you, she has already perfected that tween look of disgust.

I love you miss Brittany, and Happy Birthday!

(**my husband called while I was still composing this, and he told me that this computer has no place to insert a memory card. Um, seriously? So, no pictures for awhile.)


  1. Happy Birthday, Brittany!!! :)
    sorry about the no pix. :(

  2. Happy, happy birthday, beautiful Brittany!! Sara turns 12 in 2 months. Why do they insist on growing up so quickly?


    J and D