Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Posting just seems boring and somewhat pointless when you can't include pictures, that's my excuse for the lapse in blogging lately. Who cares what I have to say, right? I know you all are just here for the pictures. And when I say "you all", I am referring to the 3 readers that I have. I'm hoping you guys hang around, because I will resume regularly scheduled programming at some point.

What's up:
~Madison has started using her potty
~I won a $150 Visa giftcard from BlogHer and One A Day (wahoo!)
~I have joined 2 sahm groups, so we are able to escape the house for a few mornings a week, drastically improving my mental state and the girls' social lives


See? Without pics, I've got nothing. Snoozefest.


  1. Give yourself a little credit...can't you find anything to complain about???

    Woohoo for the gift card!

  2. Even without the pix... I still love your posts. :)