Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome Home To Us!

We would like to thank Great Grandpa/Grandma G, BJ, and Great Grandpa/Grandma S for having us, feeding us, and loving on us this past week. We also give thanks for Nana M, for joining us in beautiful MO. We had a wonderful vacation.

Daddy's favorite part was fishing, fishing, and more fishing.

Maddie's and Taylor's favorite part was fish, fish, and more fish!

I was truly shocked (and maybe a little bit appalled??) at both girls' desire to touch and pet the fish their Daddy and I caught. Maddie was even putting her fingers into their mouths (they were large mouth bass). Many thanks to Great Grandpa S for butchering and cleaning them (the fish, not the girls! hehe), we will have a feast later this week!
More pics to come, as Maddie turned 1 this past week and we had much to celebrate!


  1. Seeing these pictures makes me miss G&G soooo much! What amazing people! I'm so glad that you went.

    Welcome home!

    Lots of love,

    J and D

  2. I love how fearless kids are...I'm glad you had a good time!