Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Call Her Alberta Einstein

Maddie has started saying (or rather repeating, I guess) two word phrases. Today, I told her to sit down, and she said it back to me. After she sat, I said "thank you", and she repeated that. Granted, if I had not just said those two phrases, the words would not have been recognizable. But I had, and they were.
As if that's not enough milestone conquering in one day, my 12 month old told me she needed her diaper changed. You read that correctly folks. She walked into the living room and said, clear as day, "diaper". Then she led me into the bedroom and stopped in front of my bed (where I usually change her diaper). There were two diapers on the floor, pulled off of the bedside table where I keep them. This is not the first time she has said "diaper", she actually added that word to her repertoire several weeks ago. It was the first time she used the word in a request to have her hiney cleaned though!
Seriously people? At 12 months of age? So much for my little baby...

What did Grandma put in her Thanksgiving day cranberry sauce??

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