Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You Know They're Too Young For A Nintendo DS When... find it at the bottom of your kitchen trash can, covered in pureed beef-n-veggies, coffee grinds, and wet diapers other stuff (who puts urine-filled diapers in their kitchen? Uh uh, not me). Subsequently the game was off limits for an entire day, forcing her to play with previously- adored-yet-recently-abandoned toys.

Their first pair of matching jammies. It is an ugly print, but it was the only color with one available in both sizes. Corey said the pattern looks like "poop covered with sweet-tarts". He's a true poet.

We were blessed with a visit from Grandma yesterday. We sure wish she lived closer so this happened more often! Maddie is chomping on her first Chic-fil-a chicken nugget. Grandma was impressed that once she bit a small piece off, she kept it at the front of her mouth and proceeded to chew it with her front teeth. High intelligence runs in the family--she gets it from her Grandpa.

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