Sunday, September 13, 2009

Random Weekend Happenings

Maddie has started to reject baby food. It started this morning with breakfast, and continued through lunch and dinner. Did I say reject? I'm sorry, what I meant was spew it across the room and laugh hysterically. So, when the breastmilk cereal mixed with pureed apricots once again landed on my shirt, we tried something different. Below are pictures of her stuffing her face with fresh steamed broccoli.

And since broccoli makes you super smart (and gassy, but that's neither here nor there), she composed this very post for your reading pleasure.

In this picture, she looks more like her daddy than I've ever seen her look. Her ears and her nose, particularly. And notice the brand new curls! I guess I can cancel the wig order I placed, it looks like she may have hair after all! Woot woot!