Monday, December 27, 2010

What Kind of Mother Forgets the Camera on Christmas?

This kind.

It's true, I forgot to take my camera to my mother's house on Christmas Eve. Therefore, I have no pictures of my many children opening their many presents on Christmas morning. I know, I know. You all watched your own children open their presents, why do you want to watch my four children open theirs? It was fun, that's for sure. I would have liked to have a picture of Taylor opening her unicorn Pillow Pet. She saw them months ago at Walmart, and has not stopped asking for one since then. She (I) wrote it on her Christmas list that was posted on the fridge for the past three weeks. So, you can imagine her face when she opened that one. Unfortunately, that's all I can do too. Is imagine it. Because I forgot my camera on Christmas. What kind of mother does that??

1 comment:

  1. I believe if you can remember to make sure you got all 4 kids to their destination you've done a fabulous job! With 4 children, I'm sometimes amazed that I remember to dress myself before leaving the house! However, if they're all dressed, I'm a complete success! Treasure the mental image :-)

    Love ya