Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things I Have Learned This Week

1) It is actually better to buy the cheap diaper rash cream, I realized this morning as I was cleaning Boudreaux's Butt Paste for the second time this week off of the recliner. The cheap generic stuff is much thinner and easier to wipe up.

2) I can now fully understand why my mother never had the same excitement and love of Christmas that I had as a child. When you are the mother, not the child, Christmas brings loads of stress. The tree is coming down the day immediately following Christmas.

3) I have spoiled Madison, and coddled and babied her to the point that now she thinks she can get away with absolutely anything. And now that she is two, and can use logic and problem-solving to reach things she shouldn't, this is a big problem. She is in the full blown terrible twos.

4) My husband truly is a thoughtful, selfless person. I already knew this, but my appreciation for this facet of him has been renewed this week.

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