Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This and That

If I have any readers left, I apologize to you for my rare and boring posts as of late. Things around here are pretty monotonous, although my mother-in-law was visiting for the past week (hi Mary!) so that was a welcome diversion. Ever since I dropped her off at the airport yesterday afternoon, Maddie has been repeatedly asking me "where her go?".

I am very relieved to say that I am pretty much done with my Christmas shopping, for the kids at least. I am very excited about the play kitchen that I found for the girls (a gift from my mom). It is old-fashioned, made mostly of wood (plywood), complete with red and white checked curtains. Taylor has been asking for one ever since I bought a big package of plastic food, and I didn't want a cheesy plastic one. I almost had to settle for the pink plastic Disney Princess one that talked and played music (ugh), when suddenly I saw this one. There was only one left, and it is exactly what I have been hoping for. I can't wait for the girls to open it on Christmas morning.
Our Christmas tree this year leaves a lot to be desired. It's really quite a sad sight. The ornaments are all on the top 1/3, and not solely because of the little ones. My cat spent the first night the tree was up grabbing the red balls and batting them around the living room. At first the ornaments were at least spread out on the top part of the tree, but little hands have rearranged them into clumps. We have a pre-lit tree, and Taylor keeps trying to unwind the strands of lights from the branches. Not a good thing. Poor tree. I should have bought that hideous shiny white table top tree from Garden Ridge. It was pre-lit also, and already so "festive" that it wouldn't even have needed ornaments. Truly gawdy, that thing was. But is was 50% off, so I really was tempted.

The girls had their first visit to the dentist last Friday. I know, I know, I'm way behind with Taylor. But they both did very well, and the dental hygenist was very pleased the extremely low amount of plaque build-up that Taylor had, especially for her age and for never having had a cleaning before. You wanted to know that I'm sure. Maddie just had an exam, and her teeth look great too. Whew.

One final note. Or question, rather. A person should be allowed to have something, something that belongs only to them and doesn't get destroyed by small people, right? Right?


  1. AWE! I've missed your posts, Missy!! I love what you got the girls. It's crazy how addictive those kitchen sets are - I remember loving to play with those when I was little. The girls will be in culinary heaven! :)
    I love the story about the tree!! At least you have one! And the mangled... the more stories! All the more fun. Hope you had fun with Mom. I know she had a great time. Thanks for the pic of Mom & Taylor in the hilarious headband.. I honestly couldn't help myself.


  2. Yes, a person should be allowed to have something that belongs only to them! I have yet to figure out what that something is, but I still fully believe it must exist. I know it's not my room, the bathroom when occupied by me, my jewelry, my dishes, my clothes, my shoes, my stationery, my purse.....This could go on for days :)

    Love to you all!!