Sunday, July 18, 2010

Untitled (which in and of itself is a title, actually)

I can count on one hand, actually half a hand, the number of people in my life who I have felt unconditionally loved by. You know, people who know the worst parts of you and still love you. The people who don't judge you, who say they care and then back up the words with action. (I really hate empty words.) The people who love you no.matter.what. This man? Yeah, he's one of those.


  1. We're pretty blessed, right!? I know EXACTLY how ya feel and I agree with you about your sweet hubby! I also hope you counted us on that half a hand! Love ya, and those aren't empty words :-)

  2. Yes, sister of mine, I counted you both. Love you both so much!

  3. Oh, Elizabeth - you are so good and so sweet!!! Thanks for loving my brother so much!! He's such a loyal, faithful, and loving guy. I see that in you both! I love that you make each other so happy. I hope you are in love and happy with one another forever!!!!! : )