Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Announcement

Two $1 plastic bucket/shovel combos from HEB=Great fun for the girls and 30 minutes of peace and quiet for me.

But that's not the big announcement. Drumroll please..............I am going to quit try my hardest to quit smoking. The reason I say it like that is, well, I've tried before. I quit with each of my pregnancies but then picked it back up like the bad habit it is. I'll admit that I even tried quitting with the gum (when no pregnancy was involved), and after buying a $50 box of gum, started again within 2 days. I have a brand new box of lozenges, sitting on the kitchen counter, staring at me. There is a major difference this time, however, that I am hoping will finally turn the tide. My husband is quitting with me. Being the strong man that he is (read: unwilling to admit to weakness and/or being addicted), he is going cold turkey with no nicotine replacement therapy. We also have another friend, his helper at work, who is joining what we have coined "the quitting party". The only reason I am spilling this secret here, where family reads, is because I am hoping accountability will increase our chances of success. We need every bit of motivation we can get, and anything that will tip the scale in our favor. If I have to admit to loved ones that I am smoking again, maybe that will get me through the moments when I just want to give up and light up.


  1. This month is the 2 year anniversary of the last cigarette I ever had. It's not easy, but it's worth it! The first week is by far the hardest. Also, talking on the phone and after meals was hard for me. Just find something else to keep your hands busy during your "favorite" times to smoke. I immediately did dishes after meals which gave the urge time to subside before I gave into it and I pace while on the phone now and clean :) I also did not throw away my full pack of cigarettes. It's different for everyone, but as soon as I realized there were no cigarettes in the house I panicked and it was all I could think about. That last pack was still in my house a year later when I finally got rid of them. I have TOTAL faith in you! You can do this!! I'm a only a phone call away.........

    Love y'all!!

  2. So proud of (impressed with) you guys and so happy to hear that! I know you can do it!!! That's awesome! And what did I hear/read recently - the things that count in life are the things you've got to work for. It'll be worth it; I know it. Don't give up!!! You can do it!!! SO PROUD OF YOU AND ALL OF THE QUITING PARTY!!! We’re in your corner rooting you on!