Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let's See If I Can Get My Thoughts Together

So Sunday morning I got out of the shower and started to brush my teeth (still wearing only a towel wrapped around me, just like every other day). I began to feel what I have always called "deja vu". You know, where you feel like you have experienced this exact same situation before, and you even know what is supposed to happen next. Here's where I start to sound crazy, so bear with me. When I first started experiencing these deja vu moments, it felt actually. Recently when these episodes start, I would try to stop it because it was becoming very intense, and frightening. On Sunday I couldn't shake it off. I remember walking into my bedroom, trying to stop the deja vu because it was becoming overwhelming and scary. The next thing I know, Corey was trying to get me out of bed and telling me we were going to the hospital (he had been at work, my two older kids were here and my 11 year old was smart enough to call him immediately. Luckily he was working only 15 minutes away.). It was terrifying, because I couldn't remember what day it was, didn't know he'd been at work, couldn't remember fixing breakfast for the kids earlier, basically didn't know WTF was going on. Scary. I had a black eye, and bruises up and down my legs. Apparently I had been walking around naked...scary too! We went to the ER, where they told me I had a seizure, and apparently have been having them for years. I went to the neurologist on Tuesday, and she told me I had epilepsy. These "deja vu" moments I have had for years were little seizure in a small part of my brain. Something happened that caused it to spread and involve more of my brain on Sunday. (I had started taking Mega T Green Tea pills for my post-baby belly fat, the neurologist thinks that may have played a part). One of the tell-tale signs of a seizure is a taste you get in your mouth, and I always wondered why my deja vu came with the same taste in my mouth. Now I know!! Anywhoo I am on anti-seizure meds, am scheduled for an MRI on Tuesday, and can't drive for 6 months. Boo on that part. (Nothing showed on the CAT scan btw, so no real worries about the MRI). I don't really know what we are going to do to get through our days at home now, we used to go to Target, Ross, Walmart, the park. We'll be rich, I guess, without all the shopping. No wait...I'll be paying these medical bills. Hmmm

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  1. That is so I read the beginning, I realized that I've had a lot of deja vu moments lately. I was actually able to verbalize what was going to happen during one the other day...weird, right? Then I got to the part where you had to be brought out of it and that's really scary! I hope they can find some answers for you...that not driving thing is going to be annoying, but probably safer for all involved. Hang in there...