Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hold on to your hats, cause this is sure to blow your socks off! My husband wrote this poem for me, on this 6th Valentine's Day we have celebrated together.

My Valentine
To whom do I owe
this life I do love.
Where do I turn to when
push comes to shove.

There is one I depend on
to travel through life.
She's the companion
my partner my wife.

A beacon of hope
like an angel you shine.
My beauty, my constant
My Valentine

and he signed it "For you Elizabeth because I love you every day"


How lucky am I? My husband is truly talented. I actually had to ask him, just to make sure, if he wrote it himself. Somebody call Hallmark, cause this man has got it. Don't you wish your husband was this romantic? And just for the record, he's like this all the time. Not just on this commercialized, greeting card holiday. Is it any wonder that I am still in love with this man after 4 years of marriage and two kids?


  1. Really beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So beautiful!! I agree!!! You guys are FREAKISHLY cute!!!! Happy V-day Corey and Elizabeth!!!

  3. Oh, your husband is a sweet guy! Sounds like you had a great holiday!

  4. How sweet is he?! What a wonderful Valentine's Day treat!