Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crazy Metabolism

Yesterday, Maddie had her 15 month well check. (Yes, Taylor received a kiddie digital camera for her birthday and Maddie received 3 shots. Talk about life not being fair). I was utterly shocked to learn she had only gained 2 pounds in the last 3 months. Seriously? As you all well know, she eats all.the.time. Massive amounts of food at each sitting. She looks much bigger to me, especially her belly fit to play Santa Claus at the local mall. Hmmm. She is exactly 50th percentile in height, weight and head circumference. I'll read that to mean she's perfectly even!
Maddie has never been sick (knock on wood), at least nothing more serious than a snotty nose a few times and a low-grade fever twice, I think from teething. I do a lot of things wrong as a parent. I yell, I curse in front of my kids, I lose my patience over minor things, I yell, I give sweets too often, did I mention that I yell? Maybe it's all dumb luck, but I like to think I am doing a good job on the health front. I like to think that she (or Taylor for that matter) is never sick because I nursed her for 13 months, because of the wide selection of fresh fruits and veggies I feed her, because I stay home with her instead of putting her in daycare. Again, maybe we are just lucky because she hasn't been exposed, but I hope she is so healthy because I am doing a few things right.


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog. I always enjoy hearing from new people. I havent been writing as much latly because i am still trying to get settled back into like with 3 kids but i hope you stick around!

    Both of my boys are right around the 50% in both height and weight and people act like they are odd at times. My kids have never been pick eaters and for that matter my oldest's favortie food is salad. I think we all wanna believe we are doing the right things and hopefully we are hehe.

  2. Cooper was just like Maddie at that age - he ate and ate and ate and ate, and in a 9-month span, gained only 10 ounces! Presumably because he NEVER stops moving.

    And yeah for good health! We are pretty lucky in that area as well, and I suspect not being in daycare has a lot to do with it.

  3. I'm sure you are doing more than just a few things right! Congrats on the good health!

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