Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sick Momma=Sick Baby

My tent is pitched solidly in the Attachment Parenting camp. I am a lifelong member. Last night, however, I would have traded my whole life savings (meager though it is) for a guest pass to the other side. As I rocked-to-sleep-laid-in-crib-got-back-up-rocked-to-sleep-laid-in-crib-got-back-up-rocked-to-sleep-laid-in-crib-got-back-up my Maddie for the 99nth time, I truly wished I had the stomach for letting her cry it out. Or the heart. Or the foot, or finger, really any body part would do.
In other new, Daddy comes home today! Hip hip horay! I think I'm leaving for a week...

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