Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

For lack of anything more interesting to post, I am going to play along with Jennifer in her special Valentine's version of Wish List Wednesday. Go check her out!

~I am still using Corey's old work laptop, and it is slow, heavy, and I can't scroll using the touch pad (which is a bigger deal than you would think). Plus, it's not mine and I really shouldn't still have it.

~I would truly love to replace the 25 year old dresser we are using as a television stand in the living room with one of these!

~ My vacuum cleaner is way past it's prime, and I'm thinking that when I vacuum, it only picks up the dust and blows it out the other side. Since this is a "wish" list, I really want the Dyson Ball All Floors Upright. Ahh, what a dreamy vacuum cleaner. Ha!

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