Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Whole Lot of Nothing

We are still here. I haven't posted in awhile because there is something wrong with this computer and I can't post any pictures. (For any of you computer whiz people out there, when I try to pull up "My Computer" a flashlight appears, moving back and forth, and then disappears with an error box popping up.) Without pictures, I have not much to say. Taylor turns 5 in a few days, and we are doing lots of talking about kindergarten coming up. She is super excited, as am I! Because of this health insurance deal, we have been talking about my going back to work when Taylor starts school so that we can afford insurance. What stinks about this country is that if my husband sat on his a** at home, we would qualify for government aid and insurance. But because he works hard, we can't have insurance. Really makes sense.
Anyway, we are all feeling better finally and are looking forward to a playdate both tomorrow and on Thursday.

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  1. This all totally sucks for you (except for a certain little girl turning 5, of course)...so sorry.

    I need an email address for the private blog!