Friday, January 28, 2011

Say What?

It has been a pretty hard week around here. Maddie and I are sick, and Taylor seems to have woken up this morning coughing now too. Since we are sick, we have stayed home all week and passed on several playdates that we normally would have used to get out of the house and have some fun. Needless to say, we are feeling stir-crazy.

And then, on Wednesday, we get the news.

Effective February 1st, our medical insurance will increase by 75%. From $134 per week for crappy coverage, to $236 per week for the same crappy coverage. If we want to go up to the better plan that utilizes a copay rather than an embedded deductible (which we were planning to do), we will have to pay $264 per week. Without giving you specifics on finances, I can tell you that that is not a drop in the bucket. It would really, really hurt.

We are in an uproar. Should I go back to work just to pay for daycare and insurance? Should we risk being uninsured? Can someone who has had to make this decision before give me some advice?

This is the sick house, signing off.


  1. Do you have to get insurance through his employer? While in MT we looked into buying insurance on our own, employer offered insurance was over 700/mo, and found several for 400-500/month with decent deductibles and copays. That's WAY cheaper than you're talking about paying now. That's my advice, do some research on finding ins. outside the employer.

    Hope it helps. Love y'all!

  2. Wow...what crappy news! I definitely would NOT go without could drown in medical bills if something bad happened. I think you need to look at all of your options, think outside the box, and decide what is best for your family. I hate insurance, will never understand it, and wish that it was all a bit easier!