Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Children of the Millenium

Like it or lump it, we live in an age of technology.

Easily accessible and relatively cheap, it has taken the place of things like jacks and hopscotch in our childrens' lives.

When not at gymnastics or soccer, Brittany and Cameron can be found on their computers, Nintendos and iPhones (Brittany received an iPhone 4 for her birthday from her father and Cameron is using my older model that I gave to him when I switched back to my preferred Blackberry). They both work hard, at school and their respective sports, so I figure it's ok.

Taylor and Maddie have inherited their love of technology. That's just great, 'cause I can promise they will not each have their own iPhone and laptop like my older two!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine Three More Adorable Girls!! :) (I mean young techies!)