Sunday, September 19, 2010

Requesting Your Feedback

Internet friends and loved ones, I need your help! Can you please tell me whether you like the new picture or not? I realize that it is huge, and also slightly scary when the page loads and faces fill the entire screen. Is it too overpowering? Should I revert to the colored box simply stating "The Gogg Blog" with one line of text? Please leave me a comment and give your two cents!

**edited to add: I can't make it smaller, so it is either ginormous or not there at all..


  1. Since I love everyone in the photo, I say keep it big. Of course, I'm partial :)

    Love y'all and should be seeing you soon!

    J and D

  2. I like it...I think you should keep it!

  3. Ditto those girls!! :) I love the pic of you four. :)

  4. Oh, I have wanted to come over from google reader to comment... Keep it!